Increasing support efficiency - how Telia meets growing market demands

Telia Sweden uses Subtonomy SubSearch application

About the customer case

Telia Sweden is constantly looking to refine and improve work processes to become more efficient, streamlining its business outcomes and improving the customer experience.

In particular, Telia identified the potential to improve the handling of mobile support cases 
- to increase the efficiency of its second-line technical support by up to 50%
- upgrade the performance of its own employees by giving them more intuitive tools
- improve its employees onboarding process with demonstrable results.

Let’s take a look!

Customer support representative giving Customer-centric support with Subtonomy SubSearch Application

World-class customer-centric support

When things aren’t working as they should customers expect their CSP to help them find out why and fix it quickly. But technical customer support hasn’t kept pace with customer expectations and too-often is an unpredictable lottery that depends on the knowledge of individual agents.

Digitally savvy and self-sufficient customers expect more and yet are faced with a poor service experience instead of:

- proactive and hyper-personalized support
- instant information in all service channels
- more autonomy through technical self-service
- fully transparent service information
- more channels for support
- around-the-clock support

Human chatbot

Put brains in your chatbot

Digitally savvy and self-sufficient customers expect to solve most issues themselves.

43% say the phone is no longer one of their top 3 preferred channels. Instead, if they can solve their problem or find the information via digital channels, that’s what they prefer to do. 

Many customers prefer chat as a service channel, but as we all know they are not very intuitive nor clever and can only solve easier tasks. In order to improve the chat QoE the CSPs invest in semantic. But it doesn't matter if the chatbot is friendlier to you if the still can't resolve your service faults.